Reference list

African AminesEffluent scrubber Concept study2009
AECI Biotechnology Business Unit More than 25 various confidential projects. Development of CEP’s, BEP’s and pilot plantsProject development management. Project management, design and engineering for pilot plants.  Due diligence studies.  Process and project engineering1998 – 2001
African Explosives LimitedDetonating Fuse Plant Effluent BEPAug 2000
African Explosives LimitedContainerised Steam System for remote plantBEPMar 2001
African Explosives LimitedStorage and handling system replacementCEPJul 2005
African Explosives LimitedAir reticulation system for new explosives plantEngineering design and procurement servicesAugust 2005
African Explosives LimitedRefrigerated ammonia storage tank inspection assessment projectProject Development / ConceptualEngineeringJan 2004
African Explosives LimitedTank farm studyProject Development / ConceptualEngineeringDec 2005
African Explosives LimitedTank farm studyEPCM implementationDec 2008
African Explosives LimitedVarious effluent studiesProject Development / ConceptualEngineering / Basic Engineering2005 – 2006
African Explosives LimitedStack abatement projectBEP, detailed design, EPCM & project management2007
African Explosives LimitedRefrigerated ammonia storage tank inspectionBEP, detailed design, EPCM and inspection project managementJul 2008 to Jul 2010
AEL Mining ServicesEffluent treatment plantConcept study2010
AEL Mining ServicesEffluent abatement projectConcept study 2011
AEL Mining ServicesCooling Tower ReplacementEngineering / Construction Management2012
AEL Mining ServicesStorage and Distribution FacilityBasic Engineering / EPCM2012 / 2013
AEL Mining ServicesDevelopment projectConcept study2012
AEL Mining ServicesChemical plantConcept study2010
AfroxAmmonia standardsConsulting2001
Afrika SorbatesSorbates projectCEPJan 2005
African EveroseConfidentialCEP / BEPJun 2008
Alpha CementAFR project assessmentProcess & project engineeringJul 2002
Benxi Consulting Services Ammonia and urea plant relocationConsulting / Project Development / Engineering Management2002
BiwaterTender AssessmentAudit2002
British American TobaccoCarbon credits reviewConsulting2010
BOCAmmonia installationsTechnical Consulting and Auditing2002
Botswana AshUprating studyCEPNov 2008
Botswana AshCooling systems studyCEPJun 2010
Botswana AshLogistics uprating studyCEPJun 2010
ChargoldBasic engineering packageProject management, process and project engineeringMar 2001
Chemical InitiativesSulphuric Acid Plant AuditTechnical Due Diligence2002
Chemical InitiativesFertiliser product drying plant.Extended CEPMay 2005
CSIRIllovanoneCEPNov 1999
CSIRProject TitanicCEPNov 1999
CSIRMenthol plantBEPJan 2003
CSIRVanillin plantBEPOct 2003
CSIRResorcinol plantBEPNov 2001
CSIRPilot plantProject engineering2013
Columbus Stainless SteelAmmonia handlingTechnical investigation2003
Delkor TechnikPreparation of BEPProject engineeringMay 2002
DRASAHazop studiesConsulting2012
Duiker MiningOperations AssessmentTechnical Due Diligence2001
EnviroServ Waste ManagementLeachate Treatment Plant HolfonteinCEP, BEP + project management to commissioned plantFeb 2000
EnviroServ Waste ManagementAcid Recovery Pilot PlantBEPMar 2000
EnviroServ Waste ManagementEvaporation PlantCEPJan 2000
EnviroServ Waste ManagementSulphur PlantCEPJun 2000
EnviroServ Waste ManagementAsh Blending PlantCEPJan 2001
EnviroServ Waste ManagementLeachate Treatment Plant ShongweniCEP, BEPJul 2005
EnviroServ / HolcimFuels from Waste facilityBasic engineeringApril 2004
EnviroServ Waste ManagementWaste handling facility Concept study2011
EnviroServ Waste ManagementLandfill leachate treatment plantsConcept study2011
First UraniumMajor hazard installation studyConsulting2009
Heartland LeasingBoiler station assessmentConsulting2011
Heartland LeasingBoiler station coal to gas conversionConsulting, RFQ development and contract preparation2012 / 2013
HolcimTar pits recoveryCEPMar 2004
HolcimAFR PlantCEPMay 2004
IllovoCropguardCEP & BEP for applicatorsJan 2001
IllovoConfidential productCEPMar 2001
IllovoConfidential productCEPMay 2001
IllovoConfidential productCEPAug 2001
Insurance loss adjustor (confidential) Explosion investigationConsulting2010
Island View StorageStorage tank utilisationCEPDec 2003
Island View StorageAmmonia handling systems auditTechnical Consulting 2006
Island View StorageStorage tank conversion.(Refrigerated bulk storage facility to accept shiploads of hydrocarbon products)Process and project engineering.  Development of CEP and BEP. Detailed engineering & EPCMJul 2007
Island View StorageLiquefied gas handlingCEPOct 2008
Island View StorageUpgrade project Concept study2012
Johnson Matthey Reactor Vent Systems Relief Study and Detail Design2003
Kellogg Brown & RootDevelopment of CEP & BEP for amine removal projectProcess and project engineering.  Development of conceptual and basic engineering packages.  Jul 2001
Kellogg Brown & RootWater Wash Column CEPProcess and project engineeringApr 2001
Kellogg Brown & RootWater Injection BEPProcess engineeringJun 2001
Kellogg Brown & RootClean Water System CEPProcess engineeringNov 2001
Kellogg Brown & RootDevelopment of basic engineering packagesProcess and project engineering.  Development of conceptual and basic engineering packages.2001 – 2002
KeyplanUHP Ammonia PlantEngineering / Commissioning2002
Kynoch FertilisersAmmonia installationTechnical & Safety Audit2000
Kynoch Fertilisers PotchefstroomChemical dosing & coating systemEPCM + commissioningDec 2001
MDM EngineeringAmmonia storageBEP, detailed engineeringJuly 2008
Murray & RobertsPalm OilCEPJan 2002
NECSA Ammonia handling and systemsConsulting / Conceptual engineering2002
Offshore company (confidential)CTL plant. Input on local conditionsConsulting2010
OmniaAmmonia logistics Oct 2009 – Sept 2010
Nitrogen ProductsEffluent Treatment plant basic engineering packageProject management and engineering1999 – 2000
RAMMLow pressure ammonia tank inspectionProject Management/ Engineering ManagementMar 2003
RAMMLow pressure ammonia tank inspectionProject Management/ Engineering ManagementOct 2010- Jul 2011
RAMMAmmonia despatch upgrade.Process design, basic and detailed engineering, project management, EPCMOct 2010 to date
RAMMFlare Concept study2010
RAMMFlare EPCM2011
RAMMShip/road offloading facilityEngineering / Construction Management2012
ResinkemDemolition of resin plant for & on behalf of ClientProject managementMay 2002
RecoRefrigerant decanting facilityProcess design, basic and detailed engineering, project management, EPCMNov 2003
SAPCOConfidential product plant expansionBEP, detailed engineering and EPCMFeb 2005
SAPCOConfidential product plant & relocation of plantDetailed engineering and EPCMMar 2006
SasolOCN BEPBEP development and specificationJun 2000
SasolSulphur removal basic engineering packageProject management, process and project engineeringNov 2000 – Jan 2001
Sasol NitroFertiliser plant emissions reduction.CEP, BEP and detailed engineering. (Three phases)Sept 2002 – Nov 2003
Sasol NitroAmmonia storage and handlingCEPOct 2007
Sasol NitroAmmonia flare systemBasic & detailed engineeringJan 2010 to date
Sasol Technology / Sasol NitroAmmonia / Urea complexConceptual engineeringJan – Oct 2008
Sasol AgriFluorine emissions reduction – plant refurbishment and revision/Conceptual engineeringNov 2002
SasolAmmonia refrigeration systemConsulting2010
SasolFlare systemBasic and detail engineering2010
SasolAmmonia tank inspectionEngineering2012
SasolAmmonia storage leak detectionCEP, detailed engineering2013
TrespaphanPlant ExtensionBEP. Detailed engineering & EPCMSept 2002
T&C ChemicalsPlant extension and plant re-locationProject management, process design & EPCMFeb 2001
Tsela IndustriesEffluent spray drying plantProject management, design and engineering services, procurement servicesJan 2006
Unique, Thailand Ammonia InstallationsTechnical Consulting & Remediation2003
WSSABrewery effluent plantCEPJun 2003


BEP      Basic Engineering Package

CEP      Concept Engineering Package

EPCM   Engineering, procurement and construction management